The Fully Customizable,

Life-Proof Laser System

Defiant  /diˈfīənt/ adj. – Boldly challenging convention

True to its name, the Defiant philosophy defies most conventional build philosophies of high powered lasers. We do not trade road-worthiness for size, reliability for cost, or cost for superfluous features. Defiants are designed, customized and built by hand in our Laurel, Maryland workshop to meet the needs of the most respected touring production companies on earth, while being sold at the lowest possible prices consistent with quality.

Built by production people for production people, Defiant is designed to be a road warrior getting from road case to doors in the shortest possible time while boasting the nuances and features that designers need to make their visions come alive. And, just when you think that Defiant might just be the perfect production laser system, we will introduce you to our innovative crowd scanning technology, Polaris.

After looking around and learning about Defiant, please get in touch with us so that a member of our team can learn about your projects and help to specify exactly what you need. We think you will find that our support is second to none.

Defiant Destruction Video

If you have a few minutes and want a laugh, click the link above to watch us do our level best to destroy a Defiant. We bang it, drop it, ram it, shoot it and set it ablaze to truly prove that Defiant really is the “Life-Proof Laser!”

Inside Defiant

X-Laser built a Defiant made entirely from acrylic to show the world that our

philosophy of focusing on ease of use and clean design just makes sense.

Clearly, Built Better.

Defiant lasers are built sensibly, with a robust housing supported over a vibration resistant, aluminum extrusion frame. Our standard IP54 design seals out dust and grime virtually eliminating maintenance needs and making cost of ownership exceedingly low. If you do find you need service, each panel and deck either cleanly unbolts or easy slides out of the extrusion channels for quick access to every single component, even in the field.

Low Noise, No Nonsense Cooling

Heat kills lasers, its just that simple. Many projectors have to rely on several small fans for cooling which, due to their size, are both noisy and can’t move very much air. Defiant uses an array of at least three 80mm fans which collectively move >130 cubic feet of air per minute at only 45db. Combined with a wicked heat sink to transfer damaging heat away from the optical deck, Defiant stays cool even in tough environments while being quiet enough for many sound sensitive applications.

Fully Weatherized Option

Defiant is naturally IP54 but can be upgraded to a fully weatherized version including a DMX controlled housing, a heater, humidity control and more. Please inquire about details if your project calls for a laser to be installed permanently outdoors.

Powerful Electronics.

Defiant uses only high quality, robust electronics with plenty of headroom and excellent protection for your critical system components. Using multiple power supplies, instead of trying to get away with one voltage changing supply, ensures that your laser modules are never robbed of power when they are working hard to deliver your content. While this does increase the housing size marginally, dedicated power typically allows laser sources to modulate with maximum efficiency delivering brighter beams, and sharper colors.

Global Electrical Safety Compliance

Defiant lasers are manufactured almost exclusively with UL listed components and comply with UL, ETL, and CE Standards for electrical safety. Of course, Defiants also fully comply with IEC and FDA regulations for laser safety including the dreaded 1040.10 standard, which is law right here in the United States.

So what do excellent cooling, electronics and build quality actually get you?

Durability for one, but just as importantly, these are the things that open up artistic possibilities far more than the raw power spec. With proper cooling and power management colors appear more vibrant, beams appear more solid, fades dim more smoothly, patterns appear crisper because the laser sources can turn on and off faster, and most importantly, the Defiants handle stress with more grace than some of our competitors. Defiant can even modulate to approximate various color temperatures.

Defiant is a workhorse, rendering your designs consistently, reliably and beautifully. Just look at these soft pastels created by a stock 3W Defiant after a year of getting beaten up on the trade show circuit.

Defiant No Hassle Warranty

Defiant series lasers come with one of the best warranties in the industry: 1 year on the laser sources and 2 years on the hardware. Additionally, should you find that you need your Defiant serviced, you won’t need to waste time with unreliable service techs . In many cases, you’ll speak to the exact person who built your laser, because they are made from scratch right in our Maryland workshop.

User Training

Every Defiant laser comes with video user training. This training DVD covers many features common to high powered lasers, as well as control techniques and more. X-Laser even offers advanced workshops for our clients who want to learn how to service their lasers onsite, or on the road. We can even design your laser safety procedures and train your cast and crew onsite, as we have done for several large touring shows.

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